Meet the Physio Fit Staff

Physiofit has a team of six physiotherapists, three personal trainers, and three massage therapists as well as our five friendly and helpful administrative staff. Our team are a diverse group in both experiences, skills and nationalities but share the common traits of being friendly, professional and approachable. Due to our staff’s broad spectrum of clinical skills and interests, we are able to offer a wide variety of services, ranging from one on one sessions, hands on therapy to group based sessions, to cater for your individual needs.

Lisa Banfield
Lisa Banfield | Partner

Lisa is one half of the partnership that founded Physiofit in 2005. She has worked extensively in private practice, community health centres and public hospitals, accumulating a wealth of experience including women’s and men’s health.

Lisa has worked as a childbirth educator and women’s health physiotherapist in Sydney and Launceston in both the public and private sectors.

Lisa has a special interest in erectile dysfunction and women’s sexual dysfunction. She currently enthusiastically provides Physiofit’s incontinence, prolapse and men’s and women’s sexual dysfunction services.

When not working Lisa is raising two teenage boys, growing vegetables and threatening to cook for her staff.

Marilyn Jordan
Marilyn Jordan | Partner

Marilyn is the other half of the partnership that founded Physiofit in 2005. She brings years of expertise in women’s health physiotherapy, having coordinated classes for the Childbirth Education Association, and working full-time at the Queen Victoria Hospital. She has developed a passion and valuable expertise in pelvic floor issues, especially incontinence and prolapse. Marilyn also performs more general physiotherapy services to people of all ages. When not working, Marilyn can be found enjoying the great outdoors, usually walking or tending to her garden.

Lani Helbig
Lani Helbig | Physiotherapist

Lani brings experience in paediatrics, pre and post natal care, cardiothoracic physiotherapy, manual handling (training and problem solving) and aged care. Lani is a Level III workplace trainer in Manutention, a French way of manual handling that is becoming increasingly popular across aged care. Lani also has a Certificate IV in Workplace Assessment and Training. Training is probably Lani’s favourite aspect of being a Physiotherapist.

Hary Murthy
Hary Murthy | Physiotherapist

Hary is a post-graduate in musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy. He has worked at one of the premier centre for sports medicine centres in Mumbai, India as their head sports physiotherapist, rehabilitating elite athletes and Bollywood celebrities. He is a certified personal trainer from American College of Sports Medicine as well, bringing in a wide knowledge of exercise science incorporating with his manual therapy skills.

Graham Franklin
Graham Franklin | Physiotherapist

Graham qualified from UWE, England in 2005. He spent the first 5 years of his career working in the UK health service consolidating his clinical skills in all the core areas of musculoskeletal physio. He has worked a number of seasons with rugby teams enhancing his interest in the management of sports injuries, and this linked with his last job where he worked for 3 years for the British army rehabilitating soldiers. He enjoys keeping fit and is a keen mountain biker and surfer.

Mayur Joshi
Mayur Joshi | Physiotherapist

Mayur joined the Physiofit team in 2017 after relocating from Queensland. He has extensive knowledge and experience in the treatment of musculoskeletal and sports injuries, having completed a Masters in Sports Physiotherapy. He worked as a physiotherapist with football and basketball teams in the UK and at the 2012 London Olympics and Paralympics. Mayur chose physiotherapy as his profession to assist people to be pain free, stronger and more flexible. Mayur is enjoying Tasmanian life and dreams of starting a vegetable garden.

David Sluis
David Sluis | Physiotherapist

David has recently joined the Physiofit team and become our resident Prince Harry! He completed his physiotherapy studies at the University of South Australia. Prior to this he graduated from the University of Tasmania with a degree in Exercise Science. He has a passion for treating chronic pain and sporting injuries, and enjoys working with people of all ages. In his spare time David enjoys keeping fit, running and playing a wide range of sports including basketball, soccer and cricket. David is a local Tasmanian boy who is pleased to return to Launceston.

Jennifer Pullinger
Jennifer (JJ) Pullinger | Massage Therapist

Jennifer, better known as JJ, qualified as a Remedial Massage Therapist in 2014, having studied in Victoria. She has since gained experience working with the rural Western Victorian community. Since moving to Tasmania and joining the Physiofit team she has been able to use her knowledge and expertise of sports massage, deep tissue massage and manual lymphatic drainage. JJ likes to keep fit with horse riding, playing netball for Meander Valley and helping out on the farm.

Robyn Buchanan
Robyn Buchanan | Massage Therapist

Robyn is a massage therapist who joined our team here at Physiofit in March, 2015. She completed her Diploma of Remedial Therapy in 2012, and has since gone on to study complicated hip and shoulder injuries and is certified in Dry Needling. Robyn also has a keen interest in modern cupping and is learning more about the beneficial treatment which promotes circulation and healing of the facia tissues surrounding the muscles for freer movement.

Cecilia Ngavavia
Cecilia Ngavavia | Massage Therapist

Cecilia graced Physiofit with her presence in March, 2017, joining the team as a massage therapist. Originally from New Zealand, with Pacific Island background, she has 20 years of massage experience, working in clinics, hospices, hospitals and her own business. Her style is unique and caters for each individual. Cecilia has a wonderful sense of humour, keeping the staff entertained. When not massaging she spends her time reading.

Mike Lowe
Mike Lowe | Personal Trainer

Mike is a fully-qualified personal trainer and one of Launceston’s most experienced and sought after fitness professionals. He specialises in general fitness, weight loss, rehabilitation, and nutrition, and is the ideal trainer for both males and females. He has an impressive list of qualifications, including a Certificate IV in Fitness from the Australian Institute of Fitness and a Certificate IV in Workplace Training & Assessment.

Jacob Sluis
Jacob Sluis | Personal Trainer

Jacob is fully qualified Personal Trainer who has been working in the industry for 9 years. He has had vast experience in the fitness industry specialising in general fitness, rehabilitation, weight loss and boxing. Jake’s qualifications include a diploma in fitness. His personality and easy going manner enables him to connect with a broad range of clients. He enjoys all aspects of sport, and in his spare time is a keen golfer.

Dylan Hill
Dylan Hill | Personal Trainer

Dylan is an elite amateur triathlete competing at a state, national and international level. He has been involved in sport and actively pursued a healthy life for as long as he can remember. Being a personal trainer at Physiofit enables him to encourage and support people of all walks of life to live a healthy lifestyle. He has a large interest in rehabilitation and specific programs for athletes.

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Physiofit has six qualified physiotherapists who are trained to deliver a range of general services, including treatment of sports injuries, muscle/ligament sprains, low back pain, neck pain, and headaches.